Sales + Marketing = Increased Revenue

Sales + Marketing = Increased Revenue




A company’s sales and marketing teams often have a complex relationship. More often than not, both teams agree that they need to work together to achieve and even exceed revenue goals, but alignment can be a difficult challenge for many organizations.

If these two teams can learn how to develop common goals and metrics, integrate their planning processes, understand each other’s activities, and implement better communication, the relationship between successful alignment and increased revenue performance will become evident.

Join Kevin Bobowski, and Ryan Porter of Act-On Software as they discuss the people, processes and technology that can play a major role in assisting with successful alignment.

What You Will Learn

  • Best practices for sales and marketing alignment
  • Why performance metrics from both sales and marketing should be tied to revenue
  • The challenge organizations face when aligning sales and marketing teams
  • The types of sales and marketing technologies that aide in alignment initiatives

What You Get

  • 1 hour video lecture/webinar

Sales + Marketing = Increased Revenue

Retail value $12.00